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Safar Vases

In 2020, we were confined to our homes in our desert city. No summer escape this time. Somehow, through the unbearable summer heat, the great outdoors called. So, we discovered a new way of looking at the rolling desert, the empty beaches, and the arid mountains. Then Maja made a bunch of vases.

The raw exterior of these vases are delicious to touch. Of course it is, you're literally holding a piece of earth in your bare hands.

Bonus, we discovered that using less glaze reduces our carbon footprint.

619 Mugs

Volume 1.

The first project. Inspired by the beauty in differences. A limited batch of 100 mugs in varying shapes, sizes and colors. All made with 619 grams of clay.


We measured the carbon footprint of this project and 100% of the emissions are off-set by planting trees in the UAE.

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